Magnetic Pulley

Brief Introduction

Here’s how Bhupindra Machines heavy-duty Magnetic Pulleys remove tramp metal. Bhupindra Machines Magnetic Separator Pulleys are ideally used as head pulleys in belt continuous and automatic removal of tramp metal from metalial flow. As the tramp metal contaminated meterial comes within the pulley’s magnetic field, the ferrous tramp will be attracted and held to e belt until it reaches the underside.

It will then pass separately out of the magnetic field and be discharged into a chute of bin. The cleaned, non-magnetic meterial is discharged normally over the pulley in a vertical drop. The comprehensive Bhupindra Machines line of powerful permanent magnet separation pulleys meet the size and installation requirements of most conveyor systems applications.

Magnetic Pulley Manufacturer In Amritsar

Installed as head pulleys in conveyor systems the Bhupindra Machines permanent magnet pulleys provide effective, full time automatic tramp metal removal. Bhupindra Machines magnetic pulley machines & systems are provided in four different hub styles-extended hubs, flush hubs, recessed hubs and with no hubs

Pulley shafts are removable mild steel and are available with optional stainless steel shaft. Standard pulley sizes range form 4” diameter by 10” face width. Bhupindra Machines pulleys are available with or without lagging and with crowned or flat faces. Bhupindra Machines pulleys provide many years of durability and extended service life.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Faces
  • Removable Mild Steel Shaft
  • Four hub Styles
  • Flat Face
  • Keyway and Set Screws


  • Tapper Locks
  • Crowned Face
  • Fixed Shaft
  • Lsgging
  • Stainless Steel Shaft

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