Rectangular Lifting Electro Magnets Billets And Rails

Rectangular Lifting Electro Magnets Billets And Rails

Are ideal for handling material most shapes including, sheets, plates, Rounds or Square bars, bundles, billets, ingots and many similar applications, in shipyards, steel mills and foundries. These are available in 6", 8", 10", 12" width and upto 60" long special magnets built to suit specific application. Full welded weather proof construction coils are designed for 50% duty cycle. These magnets can be used individually or in multiples with different types of suspension systems.

Rectangular Lifting Magnet

Billet lifting Magnets

Powerful electro-magnets in a range of sizes and voltage for holding/ energizing or releasing / de-energized. Ideal for use in machine mechanisms, door guard locking and applications with remote hold / release requirements. Optimum performance when used with Erich armature plates (available separately) but suitable for holding any smooth ferrous surface of adequate thickness. Electrical connection by free leads. Coils are continuously rated at the specified supply voltage, a.c. Or d.c. Zinc plated magnet body and armature plates. Magnets mounted on rear face by center tapped holes or 3 tapped holes on PCD. Remanence (approx. 5% of holding force) may be reduced by fitting non magnetic shim between magnet and armature.

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